Stop the lies and learn the truth!

Nearly all men are prone to cheating ...

As shocking as this statement may be, it's not just an unsubstantiated complaint, but a sad fact of nature: All men are biologically prone to cheating – including your husband or boyfriend. It’s even more disturbing to find out that cheating husbands or cheating boyfriends tend to relapse into infidelity. If he’s done it for a while, it might be harder to tell if your partner is cheating.

Why does he cheat?

The reason is simple: From a purely biological perspective we all have only one goal in life - propagating our DNA, or if you prefer the Biblical version "Being fertile and becoming many". Whereas this goal demands a huge investment of time, effort and strength from us women, it only takes a few pleasurable moments (...if that) for men. From a purely biological perspective it makes sense for a man to try and have as much sex with as many women as he possibly can.

An astonishing 70% of adultery victims are women. 28% of married men have had cheated on their partner. Of these cheaters, only 2% have been caught by their partners, with 60% believing they totally got away undetected by their spouse. Only 6% of cheating men actually came forward and confessed.

Why do people care so much?

Women's concerns for their husband's or boyfriend's cheating are also rooted in the same biological facts: When a woman asks "Is he cheating on me?" she's essentially trying to get validation for the question "Will he be committed to supporting our kids?"

So now that we understand why men cheat and what we as women risk losing when they do, it becomes clearer why we must be able to answer the following question with certainty:

Are you involved with a cheating husband / boyfriend?

Unfortunately technology is making it exceedingly difficult to answer that question with the same level of confidence possible a generation ago. Social networks and mobile phones make seeking a partner-in-lust and communicating with her deceitfully easier than ever before.

New threats require new responses

When it comes to mobile phones the best way to get a definite and verifiable answer to the question "is he cheating?" is by using a cell phone spy app.

If he's cheating he's using his cell phone to do it...

The new generation of smartphones, like Apple's iPhone, the Blackberry, and Google's Android phones are every cheating husband's wet dream. They allow cheaters a fully mobile internet connection, enabling them to access their social networks to hunt for dates, engage in chats, send and receive e-mails, and do all this discretely from any location — on the way to work, walking the dog, anywhere...

Unsurprisingly this has made these new phones popular with cheating husbands and boyfriends. Herein also lies our greatest opportunity to catch a cheater:

Catch cheating husband on his cell phone

If cell phone technology is driving your husband's adultery, then his mobile phone is the smoking gun you can use to prove it. Gaining access to your cheating husband's cell phone will provide you with all the evidence you need to answer whether “he cheated on me” or not?

Is Your husband Cheating

Benefits of Spy Technology

  • With modern monitoring technology, you can keep real-time tabs on whom your husband chats, emails and SMS messages with
  • Spy phone apps can pinpoint GPS location of where cheaters REALLY are vs where they SAY they are
  • A cheating partner may use a different SIM to carry out an affair, SIM change notification will notify you if they try this
  • Hi-tech capability to analyze and identify network of contacts
  • Extensive capability to track historical message data for key cheating words
  • Setting up alerts for specific numbers so that you can listen in to live calls

The dangers of a cheating husband or boyfriend to your physical & emotional health are simply too great for you to ignore - STDs, HIV, etc. are all risks you can't afford to let him take for you! There are cell phone spy apps that can help to tell if a partner is cheating on you.

  • Tips to catch a cheater

  • A devoted partner isn't likely to give unfamiliar women his cell phone number. Finding unfamiliar women's names and numbers in your hubby's phone logs is often the first step to revealing his adultery.
  • If your lover-boy is sending hot messages to anyone but you he's a cheater. Period. Monitoring and tapping your boyfriend's cell phone SMS/calls/chats/etc. is sure to get you all the proof you'll ever need.
  • "Honey where are you?" Adultery is hard work and often demands frequent travels. Travelling that can then be traced and verified via the positioning systems integrated into the cheater's cell phone.
  • Cell phone spy software has the ability to transform a phone into a remotely activated listening device - very similar to the way certain baby monitors work.
  • How can spy apps help

  • A cell phone spy app or computer monitoring software can give you full access to his call and SMS log enabling you to know what numbers he's connecting with and with who they're associated.
  • Depending on specific type of spy phone software you purchase, you'll be granted access to: SMS and e-mail messages, WhatsApp Messages, Chats, Live calls. There are only a few spy phone apps allowing you to do all that.
  • Deleting the original communication makes no difference - reliable and flexible spy phone apps can log and copy everything into a secure online account only you can access.
  • With quality monitoring software, you can pinpoint his GPS location at any moment and see his travel route too. This makes it easy as pie to figure out if he really did have a late meeting at work, or was up to no-good somewhere else...
  • Only a few cell phone spy apps are unique to let you activate the phone's microphone remotely, and listen in on its surrounding sounds. If you're hearing sounds he shouldn't be making outside of your bedroom - you know you caught him red handed...
When asked if their relationships were happy, 56% of cheating men actually felt that was the case, with 62% of cheaters admitting that they cheated with someone from their place of work.
70 percent of married women did not know of their spouses' extramarital activity.

Now is the time to put your mind at rest and find out what he's really up to during all those long hours he spends away from you. If he's cheating on you, it's your right to know. If you have children, then it's also your duty. You need to ensure your kids are growing in the best possible environment - his cheating puts that in jeopardy: HIV, STDs, entanglements with other women, etc. - all risks you and your family simply can't afford.

Reliable methods to protect your family's safety...

The good news is that with a spy app or computer monitoring app at your disposal, you now have the tools you need to discover and confront your cheating husband, keeping yourself and your family safe.

The presence of children does little to quench the thirst of a cheating man, as 9% of men with children under the age of 2 commit infidelity, and 16% of men with kids between 2 and 5 years old have affairs.

Is Your boyfriend Cheating